I should preface this post by saying that I never play games on my mobile phone. It’s just not something I do anymore. I enjoyed making them and have had lots of fun playing old school shooters and the odd puzzle game, but generally I’m not a mobile gamer.

That is until I discovered Toon Blast.

I don’t think I’ve ever found a mobile game that is so beautifully designed, beautifully executed and so damned addicting.

Everything about Toon Blast works. It looks great and feels great to play. The puzzles are simple and the rewards are not only plentiful but totally worth battling for.

Sure it has its annoyances (don’t get me started on those creeping ice blocks) and you will often find yourself with just one more required move to complete the level and have no moves left; but it’s just so much fun that you can forgive it.

I think I’m at around level 1,200 or so just now. Thanks in no small part to my young son who seems to have a remarkable ability at this game. Getting there was tough but I can honestly say that spending money wasn’t a part of it.

So how do you progress at Toon Blast without spending money?

There are two things that you should do. First, when you get to the required level (100), join a team. Second, help your team mates. Both of these steps will earn you valuable coins without the need to spend real money. With more coins you can successfully complete levels that you just fell short of.

Benefits of joining a team in Toon Blast

Team Chest

You’ll reap the rewards of a Star Challenge if your team does well but you don’t. Look out for the Team Chest at the end of a challenge. Typically you’ll get 250 coins which at 100 coins per re-try gives you a couple more chances to complete a level.

Bonus coins for lives

You can help team mates by gifting them lives that also gives you coins. It’s a small amount of coins but every little helps!


It may not be something that you do so often and may not always be helpful, but perhaps one of your team mates has spotted something on a level that you’re missing. Toon Blast is a game that generates randomly coloured blocks and one of the coolest features, the rockets, seem to randomly fire either vertically or horizontally. But perhaps you’ve started trying to complete a level in the wrong place? Perhaps if you clear a certain area before the area you’ve been focusing on it would be a lot easier? Chatting with your team mates may well give you such insights.

I highly recommend Toon Blast and highly recommend persevering with it. As the chapters progress and the levels become more complex so the rewards grow and the game becomes just a pure joy to play.

Grab the game for your mobile or tablet from the iOS App Store or from Google Play.

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