Nintendo fans have been waiting a very long time for this. A tour around a theme park dedicated to the most iconic video game character ever created, by its creator.

But what might you find inside a world dedicated to Nintendo’s Mario universe?

As you might expect the entire experience is interactive. Miyamoto-san goes into detail in the video explaining how visitors get to wear special wristbands that act as goodie-getters and link up to your mobile phone to record your achievements. There’s a lots to explore, discover, experience and, enticingly, play in the form of a Mario Kart experience. Alas the video doesn’t reveal the details of the Mario Kart experience save for it being housed in Bowser’s castle, but you can be sure that it’s going to be a real highlight of the experience.

Are there any other Super Nintendo Worlds outside of Japan?

Miyamoto-san goes on to explain that in further collaboration with Universal there are more Nintendo theme parks planned for the United States and Singapore. But right now (December 2020) there is just the one and that’s in Osaka, Japan. It lies some 40 – 50 km south of Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto.

Osaka is conveniently served by Osaka International Airport and will no doubt develop dedicated transfers for visitors to the theme park. You can be sure that the experience will be enormously popular.

For now we have the theme park tour to enjoy.

Super Nintendo World Direct – a tour with Shigeru Miyamoto


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