What a year that was – 1993. The year PC gaming changed forever. Oh how I loved playing Doom on an old 386. I had no sound card and the monitor was pretty ropey, but the game ran sweet.

Several years ago I switched from PC to Mac for reasons of ‘just wanting things to work’. It was a great move and I’ve never looked back. But just lately I’ve craved some old-school Doom action.

There’s a fairly significant issue here – Doom isn’t available on Mac.

How to run Doom on Mac

Thanks so much to this link ( I was able to follow the steps and in no more than 20 minutes I was Knee Deep in the Dead again.

So I wanted to share these steps and essentially add to what was written on that web page at

The first thing to do is find a source port of Doom that runs on Mac. GZDoom is your friend!


Head to the download page for GZDoom and locate the link for Macintosh (Intel & M1)

It comes as a .zip file so just download it, extract it and then move on to getting the game itself.

Ultimate Doom on Steam

I opted to buy Ultimate Doom from the Steam store. At the time of writing it was just £3.99. Bargain!

Make a note of the App ID found in the URL of the game > currently – you’ll need it in the next step.

If you add the game to your cart and go through the purchase process that’s all you can do for now. The Steam client won’t let you download it just yet as it’s not available for Mac. To enable the download we have to complete another step first.

How to download Doom for Mac OSX from the Steam client

This is actually pretty straight forward. This link explains it in a simple to follow way.

If you can’t be bothered to click the link here are the steps:

  • Find the AppID of the app you’re trying to download. This is the App ID we referred to earlier. Currently it is 2280 for Ultimate Doom. Don’t forget to purchase the game! Steam won’t let you download games you don’t own.
  • Go to ~/.steam/steam/SteamApps or wherever your main SteamApps folder is.
    If you’re struggling to find it just launch Finder and type SteamApps into the search input. It’ll appear. If you then want to open that in a new Finder window just single click it and then go to the cog and select Show in Enclosing Folder.
  • Create and open a new file in the /SteamApps folder called “appmanifest_APPID.acf“, replace APPID with the actual AppID you found in the first step.
  • Copy and paste the following into the new file and replace APPID (the all-caps one) with the one you found in the first step and APPNAME with the folder name to download to e.g. ULTIMATEDOOM:
      "AppID"  "APPID"
      "Universe" "1"
      "installdir" "APPNAME"
      "StateFlags" "1026"

Save and restart Steam.

You should find that when you relaunch Steam it starts to download the game.

Playing Ultimate Doom in GZDoom

Now that you have the game you can locate the main WAD file. For Ultimate Doom this file is called DOOM.WAD.

Open Finder and go to folder ~/Library/Application Support (press Shift+Command+G and paste the path then press Enter). Create a new folder called gzdoom and paste DOOM.WAD into there. (Or whatever your WAD file is called based on the version of Doom that you bought)

Launch GZDoom and you’ll be blasting demons in no time!


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