Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a Space Ranger? How cool it would be to scour the galaxy in search of new adventures, new life, new tech?

I guess as kids we’ve all had this tremendous sense of wonder and the need for fantasy and escape.

In search of Space Monsters is a dedication to those halcyon days of adventure and care free play where we would read books, devour films, play games and stare with wide-eyed wonder at the stars thinking ‘what is out there?’

Once upon a time this site was all about developing games using JavaScript. You can still find some  articles on JS / HTML5 game development in the blog and over time more posts will be added. 

Here’s a few:

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest HTML5 arcade game is nearing completion. The bugs are ironed out and the action is super fast. If you’re a fan of old school SNES styled gaming then I think there is plenty here for you to get your […]
I’ve created so many retro styled arcade games in the last 10 years. The best of which you can find on my online arcade Playstar. If you’re a fan of SNES style shoot em up, ultra retro shoot em ups, platformers or car games, there’s something […]
In our last game, Thundergun, we adopted a purely randomised approach to generating the levels. That is, the alien formations were predefined prior to the game loading but their formations for completely random. For our next game, Akari: Battlestar (working title), we’re looking to plan the […]

But for some time it’s made more sense to broaden the scope of this site and focus on so many other things.

Searching for Space Monsters sounds like the sort of thing that most of us probably would have dreamed of doing as kids.
Perhaps we share the same fascination with everything from outer space to cool films to dinosaurs, video games, fantasy books… just about anything that focused on play, wonder and escapism. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the club!

Please note, you may find a bunch of affiliate links scattered around this site. They are used to help monetise things. In some cases you may be presented with an intermediate page that informs you of where you’re going with a link. It’s all good and you’re safe to click. 

I hope you enjoy the site.