We’re huge fans of the golden days of Atari. The box art was a huge inspiration and that wonderful feeling of being transported away from real life is something┬áthat we’re keen to […]
I’m not updating this blog often enough so I thought I’d just share some thoughts on a new game idea. The game is a straight forward arcade game though for me it’s […]
A considerable amount of work has gone in to Jumpin’ Jasper this last few days. I’m thrilled by the results of some intense pixelling. As always it’s the colour choices that end […]
Back in my day as a Gameboy Advance artist we used to have some key rules for asset creation. Generally much of the design was handled externally via the client and we […]
I’ve been working hard to create the visuals for Distant Orbit this last week. I know how much I enjoy looking over other developer’s workstations so I thought I’d capture mine and […]
I’m still working on the art for this game but sometimes when I make a breakthrough with something I like to share it :) Today’s breakthrough is the neat haze effect over […]
Lunch times are a great opportunity for me to relax with Photoshop and knock together stuff that I just wouldn’t normally consider. Earlier today I was looking at a retro gaming site […]
I enjoy sketching out ideas quite quickly and throwing them in to Photoshop to explore colours and various other details surrounding the game’s final appearance. I’m a huge believer in having plenty […]
I love dabbling with sprites in Photoshop. Give me some good music, a supply of caffiene and enough time for some pixelling and I’m in my element. My “Castle Adventure” game is […]
I’ve been asked to provide some promotional material for my handful of HTML5 games. I don’t actually have anything like this so the challenge of creating them appeals. Especially since I’ve been […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
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