Having just spent a couple of hours poring over my code for scaling & positioning the game canvas I thought I’d share the experience. Despite having made several HTML5 games over the […]
Prototyping new game ideas is a lot of fun. Thanks to some serious enhancements to my game framework it’s also pretty quick. I enjoy day-dreaming new ideas and recently I was watching […]
I’m using a small amount of dialogue in Distant Orbit to help tell the story. One thing that I wanted to maintain was simplicity when it comes to handing over the text […]
  More lasers, more bombs, more bad guys and more explosions. I’m absolutely LOVING developing this game. And the best bit ? It runs like a dream across all major devices. Now […]
In an ideal world I would develop all of my games at a fixed resolution. That resolution just now would be something like 320 x 460. Largely because according to my analytics […]
Decisions, decisions. Having broken the back of the arcade element to Area51 I’m now left standing at a crossroads in terms of game design. There are numerous elements to the game that […]
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