We have a number of in-house tools written through a combination of Javascript and PHP.¬†The data from the editors is written to a MySQL database and much of the workflow is handled […]
My current focus is with the PlayStar Arcade. I’m keen to push it as a platform for playing my HTML5 games. A lot of work has been carried out “under the bonnet” […]
Spent a little time on a side project this last few days. It’s a pretty simple platform game that involves guiding a hedgehog / porcupine type animal around the screen collecting valuable […]
Having just spent a couple of hours poring over my code for scaling & positioning the game canvas I thought I’d share the experience. Despite having made several HTML5 games over the […]
added full Web Audio support (tested iOS6 / Chrome desktop) fixed 404 errors on AJAX call that still resulting in the onLoad event firing (misleading bug) added¬†webkitvisibilitychange support paused animations in pauseMode […]
The thrill for me in making these simple browser games is the challenge of a new feature. I’ve wanted for a long time to sit down and figure out just what I […]
Prototyping new game ideas is a lot of fun. Thanks to some serious enhancements to my game framework it’s also pretty quick. I enjoy day-dreaming new ideas and recently I was watching […]
It struck me whilst developing Distant Orbit that the game was crying out for a more persistent challenge – for want of a better phrase. I wanted people to be able to […]
Distant Orbit screenshot
Creating games using HTML5 and the Canvas isn’t always all about using drawImage(). For the most part it is of course because we want to display our lovingly drawn sprites and environments […]
Today I have spent a hopeless amount of time playing with the touch screen interface for a new game. The game is a maze game, similar in many respects to Pac-Man in […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
Playstar graphic
Minecraft Global CD Key