Development on my platform game project is coming along nicely now. It’s always nice to break the back of the game’s “engine” and then settle down to tweaks and minor mods. For […]
My larger Kyle Comet project is moving along nicely and today I’m enjoying spending a little time researching a couple of smaller side projects. I have a real love for quirky Japanese […]
Pretty much finished the first draft of the story script. Each character is fairly well defined and I think the plot is pretty well established. Good guys chasing bad guys through minefields, […]
It’s amazing just where we take our inspiration from sometimes. An ordinary Sunday morning drinking coffee and catching up on yesterday’s news, when the kids come through with some bread to feed […]
I’ve been toying with the idea of an arcade game in which the player controls a character that must escape from a dark and creepy tower. In fact being extremely inventive with […]
I hope that this hasty thumbnail sketch does justice to my current thinking for a mutant/zombie survival game. Essentially I want yet another excuse to fill the screen with cannon fodder. Our […]
Concept A game in which the sole survivor of a zombie/mutant uprising standsĀ barricaded in the centre of the screen armed only with a pistol. Zombies initially advance from off-screen and are picked […]
Before I start to present some thumbnail views of potential mobile game designs I just want to recap a few thoughts on the control system and a rough structure for the design […]
I love sketching out game ideas. The thrill of designing a spaceship or game character and trying to figure out what monsters and challenges lie ahead has never left me. Right back […]
Jet Boy (or Super Jet Boy to give it its full title) is a game about a boy with a rocket pack who embarks on an adventure to recover some mystical golden […]
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