It struck me whilst developing Distant Orbit that the game was crying out for a more persistent challenge – for want of a better phrase. I wanted people to be able to […]
Almost as if to underline my previous post about designing games around a loose brief I now find myself in the unusual position of having a far bigger game on my hands […]
Spending 2 months on a game is not what I had in mind when, in January, I started to plan for the next 12 months. I have spent the last year refining […]
The conversation about HTML5 gaming is changing all the time. In just 12 short months we’ve gone from starting conversations with “hey, what’s this cool new tech / standard I can make […]
As somebody who has never really got along with Pac-Man I have to say that I’m developing a new found admiration for it. The games that I make much like the games […]
I thought it might be worth briefly sharing my approach to handling grid movement. It’s by no means finalised but just now is giving some very satisfactory results. In every game that […]
I love messing around with new ideas. Sometime last year I had the idea of trying to recreate a game that I adored as a youngster; Lucasfilm’s future sports classic Ballblazer. It […]
Today I have spent a hopeless amount of time playing with the touch screen interface for a new game. The game is a maze game, similar in many respects to Pac-Man in […]
I love this article on Game Design Theory written several years ago for the book Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design. Everything about it I find compelling and valuable in terms of […]
I’ve blogged some thoughts on designing arcade games in the past but I just wanted to offer a few thoughts on just a couple of aspects of designing games for mobile phones. […]
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