I’m currently working on a simple corridor shooter with a mutant / zombie theme. It’s called Area51 ( at the moment ) and as the title suggests I want it to feel […]
I love my RPG games. I particularly love those games that focus on combat in a very visually satisfying way. A game that ticked all the boxes for me was Dungeon Siege. […]
The last couple of times I’ve tried to create an original game I’ve ended up taking the seeds of a game off the shelf and completing it. I’m determined this time to […]
Allow me to think out loud for a moment. I’m trying to figure out the best approach for Rebel Rescue. The elements to the game that I know I want to keep […]
So I was thinking about designing arcade games over a coffee earlier … Game design is often seen as a very exact science. If you learn some “rules” you’ll suddenly be a […]
Just a quick update to mention that I created a quick survey to try and gauge some opinion on your preferences for playing games on your phones and tablets. Check it out […]
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