On Saturday evening Channel 4 aired a programme about how video games changed the world. In it Charlie Brooker skips through the last 30 odd years detailing the games that defined the […]
I threw some money (£100 courtesy of a Google voucher) at trying to promote my mobile HTML5 games portal (m.spacemonsters.co.uk) earlier today. After initially falling foul of Google’s stance on over-capitalisation of […]
I love my RPG games. I particularly love those games that focus on combat in a very visually satisfying way. A game that ticked all the boxes for me was Dungeon Siege. […]
The first true signs of spring are upon us. Blossom on the trees and spectacular yellow / orange / sunburst hues across the sky. Time to grab the camera and start snapping. […]
I think the first time I ever realised that real life wasn’t really all that good was around the late 1970s. As a 7 year old boy in 1977 Star Wars came […]
So I downloaded a Space Shuttle simulator for iPad – F-SIM Space Shuttle. How hard can it be to land a glider ? Well the short answer to that is pretty damned […]
Well I can honestly say that I’ve never been to anywhere quite like Frogg Manor. What a gloriously ridiculous yet thoroughly entertaining place to spend a Saturday evening. We all knew the […]
Now that I have some place to write I figure I should probably get in to the habit of writing on a regular basis. Of course the danger is that what comes […]
I always wanted some place to write about daily thoughts and events (and stuff) that wasn’t in any way linked to my game development. Writing about game design and the intricacies of […]
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