I’ve been toying with the idea of an arcade game in which the player controls a character that must escape from a dark and creepy tower. In fact being extremely inventive with […]
Before I start to present some thumbnail views of potential mobile game designs I just want to recap a few thoughts on the control system and a rough structure for the design […]
I love sketching out game ideas. The thrill of designing a spaceship or game character and trying to figure out what monsters and challenges lie ahead has never left me. Right back […]
I’m determined to make an HTML5 adventure game so here goes with some more thoughts on the potential design of such a game. The games that work best for me are the […]
I currently have a number of small side projects which are for all intents and purposes simple design tests. My current focus is with establishing new, reliable and aesthetically satisfying ways to […]
Just a quick update as work on Crossfire (previously Stargun) is moving at pace just now. I’m very keen to use the project as an exercise in broadening the featureset of my […]
Following on from the previous post about creating a crude Star Wars style trench as viewed from above I thought I’d post a video of it in action. I put some additional […]
I’m looking for inspiration for my next arcade game and somewhat predictably I turn to the games of 30 years ago. Robotron was a stunning arcade game. In many respects a pure […]
It is with huge interest that I read this statistic. For the last 2 months I have had my head buried on a project and haven’t really looked up very much to […]
It has for a long time been my intention to create my own mobile gaming portal. I had been using the m. sub-domain from spacemonsters.co.uk (m.spacemonsters.co.uk) with some success but I really […]
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