Back in my day as a Gameboy Advance artist we used to have some key rules for asset creation. Generally much of the design was handled externally via the client and we […]
Just a quick update as work on Crossfire (previously Stargun) is moving at pace just now. I’m very keen to use the project as an exercise in broadening the featureset of my […]
I’ve been working hard to create the visuals for Distant Orbit this last week. I know how much I enjoy looking over other developer’s workstations so I thought I’d capture mine and […]
I enjoy sketching out ideas quite quickly and throwing them in to Photoshop to explore colours and various other details surrounding the game’s final appearance. I’m a huge believer in having plenty […]
I love dabbling with sprites in Photoshop. Give me some good music, a supply of caffiene and enough time for some pixelling and I’m in my element. My “Castle Adventure” game is […]
I’ve been asked to provide some promotional material for my handful of HTML5 games. I don’t actually have anything like this so the challenge of creating them appeals. Especially since I’ve been […]
Happiness is an uninterrupted hour or so in the company of Photoshop, a Wacom pen and a coffee. Today I’ve managed to find some time to put some more work in to […]
I’ve had this game in development forever and I want it finished. After spending some time this weekend playing the game I decided to give it a lick of paint. One of […]
I enjoy nothing more than opening up Photoshop and messing with the colours in my sprites and general game elements. The screenshot above is the original image of the game before I […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
Playstar graphic
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