It’s really quite simple – I always wanted to make a game where the aliens come diving at you and you pump some lasers at them such that they “splat” in glorious […]
It’s been too long since I finished a new game so I figured it was time to sit down and put the finishing touches to a new Space Invaders style arcade game. […]
After a little big of digging and some Photoshop tidying up I have an image that is essentially my approximation of the Atari 256 colour palette from the 800XL. I’m sure that […]
I think it’s interesting sometimes to see how people work. Last night I spent an hour or so redesigning the probe from Hoth Strike to fit in to my HTML5 version of […]
I do love these final stages of game development where everything you’ve had scribbled down from ideas to character designs to neat little effects comes together and you get a screen full […]
I still can’t think of a decent title for this game. I guess something will spring to mind. About 10 years ago I worked on a small nGage title called Space Ranger. […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
Playstar graphic
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