I’m always looking at new game designs and cool ways to implement them. I also have my own system for creating HTML5 games that has evolved over the last 12 months. I […]
Happiness is an uninterrupted hour or so in the company of Photoshop, a Wacom pen and a coffee. Today I’ve managed to find some time to put some more work in to […]
I’ve had this game in development forever and I want it finished. After spending some time this weekend playing the game I decided to give it a lick of paint. One of […]
I’ve spent a fair bit of time lately trying to iron out all sorts of issues with Rebel Rescue. On the whole I’ve enjoyed making the game but like any reasonably lengthy […]
I enjoy nothing more than opening up Photoshop and messing with the colours in my sprites and general game elements. The screenshot above is the original image of the game before I […]
It’s really quite simple – I always wanted to make a game where the aliens come diving at you and you pump some lasers at them such that they “splat” in glorious […]
It’s been too long since I finished a new game so I figured it was time to sit down and put the finishing touches to a new Space Invaders style arcade game. […]
I think it’s interesting sometimes to see how people work. Last night I spent an hour or so redesigning the probe from Hoth Strike to fit in to my HTML5 version of […]
I noticed something interesting earlier whilst trying to improve the performance of Dragons that I thought I should share. When I first considered how the game would look I settled on a […]
I do love these final stages of game development where everything you’ve had scribbled down from ideas to character designs to neat little effects comes together and you get a screen full […]
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