For a long time I’ve wanted to create a game with a fire-breathing Dragon. I’d always imagined it would be a big, hulking monster that would stomp around a scrolling level laying […]
I still can’t think of a decent title for this game. I guess something will spring to mind. About 10 years ago I worked on a small nGage title called Space Ranger. […]
I tend not to deal with design documents. I just like to scribble and sketch ideas and write down what I think would be cool. Just now in my worklist.txt file I […]
  15 – 20 years ago I devoured games such as Wolfenstein, DOOM and of course the 15 year old genius that is Quake. What I loved about those games was so […]
Nearly 10 years ago when I was a young video game artist working for Software Creations in Manchester I firmly believed that I could set the world of gaming alight. Back then […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
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