It’s always easier to make decisions when you’re armed with data. This morning we¬†pulled down some¬†stats from Apple’s reporting site to pore over the numbers. (We don’t currently publish to Google Play, […]
I recently posted an article on Gamasutra about the association with HTML5 and gaming. I go in to a little detail about how we as HTML5 game developers can improve the perception […]
Once upon a time I worked as an artist for a company that developed games for Nintendo’s handheld devices, amongst other things. I remember back then (2001 ish) wondering whether web technologies […]
Since establishing Space Monster Games Ltd I’ve been thinking more and more about the life of a full time game developer. Especially since I am moving further toward it and have seen […]
The conversation about HTML5 gaming is changing all the time. In just 12 short months we’ve gone from starting conversations with “hey, what’s this cool new tech / standard I can make […]
As I’ve recently blogged I am convinced that 2012 will be an enormous year for HTML5 gaming on mobile phones. So much so that I am staking a fair bit on it. […]
As an HTML5 game designer I am always optimistic about the future of gaming in the open web. I love this Canvas technology ( which is pretty much the largest aspect of […]
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