I’m determined to make an HTML5 adventure game so here goes with some more thoughts on the potential design of such a game. The games that work best for me are the […]
I currently have a number of small side projects which are for all intents and purposes simple design tests. My current focus is with establishing new, reliable and aesthetically satisfying ways to […]
I’ve enjoyed playing with my game framework this past week or two since releasing Crossfire. A few bug fixes and tweaks and I’m once again in a pretty good position for making […]
I’m looking at producing a football (soccer) game for my next project. Looking around at the world of football in computer games is a pretty interesting exercise. Thanks to sites like YouTube […]
My latest project – the Commodore 64 inspired Crossfire – is complete. I used the project to refine my HTML5 game framework and to also try out some new functionality. I’m thrilled […]
My current project, the C64 shooter inspired Crossfire, is nearing completion. All features are in place and the code is pretty stable just now.  I’m hoping to finish testing in the next […]
I’m really thrilled to be finishing this little game up soon. It’s been a hell of a journey and a huge amount of fun. I think it’s fair to say that this […]
I’ve spent a good amount of time lately working on my HTML5 game framework. It’s starting to pay dividends. I think the thing I am most thrilled about is the support for […]
Just a quick update as work on Crossfire (previously Stargun) is moving at pace just now. I’m very keen to use the project as an exercise in broadening the featureset of my […]
I’ve spent the last two days wrapped up in game development and it’s produced some fantastic results. I set out initially to further refine my code base for making arcade games. What […]
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