I tend not to deal with design documents. I just like to scribble and sketch ideas and write down what I think would be cool. Just now in my worklist.txt file I […]
Following on from yesterday’s post about seeking inspiration I took to MAME and played through a number of classic mid-1980s arcade games. A few in there were a lot of fun and […]
Anyone who has read this blog before will know of my unashamed love for the videogame arcades of the 1980s. Whenever I make a game I want it to look and feel […]
Galactians is a game I’ve wanted to make since I was 9 years old. I’m so pleased with it. It’s arcade short in terms of time, has a solid challenge and is […]
As a kid growing up in the 1970’s the world of video arcade gaming gripped me in a way that I’ve never forgotten. I devoured Space Invaders and everything like it. I […]
Decisions, decisions. Having broken the back of the arcade element to Area51 I’m now left standing at a crossroads in terms of game design. There are numerous elements to the game that […]
  15 – 20 years ago I devoured games such as Wolfenstein, DOOM and of course the 15 year old genius that is Quake. What I loved about those games was so […]
Nearly 10 years ago when I was a young video game artist working for Software Creations in Manchester I firmly believed that I could set the world of gaming alight. Back then […]
I think my geekish enthusiasm is spilling over in to slightly worrying obsessional territory. But all the same there is no single genre of game that thrills me more than the good […]
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