I’ve been working hard to create the visuals for Distant Orbit this last week. I know how much I enjoy looking over other developer’s workstations so I thought I’d capture mine and […]
I’m still working on the art for this game but sometimes when I make a breakthrough with something I like to share it :) Today’s breakthrough is the neat haze effect over […]
I’m in to the final furlong with my game of ghostly wizardry Dungeon Adventure. A bit of level design and some refining of the graphics and I’ll be calling it a wrap. […]
Work on Castle Quest continues and recently I managed to get some graphics in to the game for the monsters. The monsters here are ghosts and although I’m not deliriously happy about […]
I’ve spent quite a lot of time this last few evenings figuring out the movement code and collision for a new maze game. I call it Castle Adventure just now in honour […]
Photo of Atari VCS console and pre-order information
Playstar graphic
Minecraft Global CD Key