A brief summary of development progress with my HTML5 game projects.


  • Lots of work gone into balancing the action in Akari. Alien bombs, laser power and frequency of formation attacks all addressed.
  • Work started on the background artwork – heavily influenced by Toaplan’s Outzone.
  • Added 2 new formations that allow for aliens to fly in diagonally, curl around and disappear stage left (or right).


  • Akari: bonuses to be spawned from successful destruction of ‘bonus containers’
  • Graphics being re-drawn for more vibrant cyber-punk effect


  • Akari functionality now includes specific level entity data – ability to spawn items based on the player’s progress
  • Defined the style for the in-game art and the promotional material (manga-esque)
  • Game canvas set to 640 x 960 and locked to portrait on iOS


  • Exploring options for storing and retrieving data from localStorage solutions in WKWebView on iOS (note: localStorage doesn’t work in this environment)
  • Adapting localStorage solution to construct high score table
  • Currently testing https://github.com/CookieCookson/cordova-filestorage UPDATE: not an ideal solution
  • Checking out cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free which provides what appears to be a handy adapter for PouchDB
  • Reduced speed of alien bombs in Thundergun – makes for a better ‘feel’


  • Chaos Grid now available on the AppStore following updates to use the Nitro Engine in WKWebView.
  • Thunder Gun development now includes modified aircraft behaviour and a mini mid-level boss battle.
  • Thunder Gun settings tweaked to improve gun rate on player’s plane. Increased alien bombs. More challenging gameplay and more intense.


  • Much play testing… removed the ability to “bonk” the monster’s heads and defeat them. It was rendering the game too easy. Monsters can only be defeated now when the invulnerability bonus is collected
  • Slowed the wasp down and increased the frequency which he appears in the game
  • Created more platform textures
  • Added a freshly pixelled castle to the backdrop of the game


  • A lot of graphics work and a new more SNES style
  • New monster – venom spitting plant! – spits venom high in to the air every second or two
  • Balancing work on monster movement
  • Jumping on monster’s heads now spawns a bonus item


  • Introduced the wasp to keep players moving if they just hang around collecting bonuses – some loose AI sees the wasp “hunt” the player
  • Amended collision code to allow bonuses to be caught as they fall rather than only when they land on the grass


  • Re-worked some graphics. Hero is now a Squirrel and collectables are now hazelnuts and fruit.
  • Improved bonus item generation. More of a challenge for the player and also more rewarding!
  • Reduced pre-game and Game Over timeouts. Got bored of waiting so long to play again :)

To do in next phase:

  • Increase animation frames for the Squirrel
  • Develop Wasp art and AI (turns up at a set interval in each level to urge the player on)
  • Spitting bug
  • Separate grass and overlay above player sprite
  • Define backdrop artwork
  • End of level animations


  • Improved touch control on Bouncy. No more running off the end of platforms in search of targetx!
  • Increased size of bonus items. Just looks better :)
  • Add spiked platforms that harm player
  • Add moving platforms – horizantal and vertical – they’re just sprites, behaviour was easy to code


  • Bouncy now using new level editing functionality
  • Refined touch controls to allow smooth glide and jump with touchMove and touchEnd
  • Completed main character animations
  • Converted platforms to sprites to allow for full sprite control (i.e. movement / animation)

To do very soon:

  • Monster AI !!


  • Kyle Comet (KC1) taking some real shape. Core game sections defined
  • fixed bugs with shield counts dropping below zero (i.e. collecting a shielf bonus wouldn’t register)
  • playing with playerShip attributes – still not happy with controls
  • added m.player.speedDecay which fires with the touchEnd() event (slows the craft down to a stop)
  • fixed spawing errors for obstacles
  • added new obstacle – the bonus bomb – when destroyed it spawns a shield or blue gem
  • fixed array index for store items – undefined items being returned (e.g. undefined GEMS being displayed as store item value)

Monday 28th May 2012

Added circular laser bolts. More pleasing on the eye than rectangular lasers.

Friday 18th May 2012

Putting some long-overdue work in to Distant Orbit. Game’s design is taking shape nicely.
Will implement save / resume functionality.
An early performance demo of the game can be seen on You Tube. Distant Orbit performance demo.

Wednesday 11th April 2012

River Raider to do:

  • Tug boats spray bombs on later levels (no more than 5 bombs)
  • Add extra life chance at set score intervals
  • Add a couple more level designs

Monday 2nd April 2012

River Raider ideas to try:

  • Vertical facing boat that fires missiles directly at the player (done)
  • Player energy bar rather than 1 hit = 1 life (rejected)

and bugs to fix:

  • on playerDeath() continuing to run through staging() which is pointless – just scroll the river and what was on it at the point the player crashed out (done)

And a screenshot from the current build:

River Raider screenshot

Wednesday 28th March 2012

River Raider game notes:

  • vary boat speed with finger slide up and down (rejected)
  • aliens crossing the river (rejected – just move within the river space)
  • river obstacles (mines etc)
  • restart level at last destroyed bridge (done)

Monday 26th March 2012

River Raider to do:

  • tighten up collision
  • river graphic tearing
  • rapids artwork
  • grassy bank artwork
  • copter artwork
  • bonus item design and implementation
  • “alien” movement

Thursday 22nd March 2012

Implemented the tree/obstacle collision and decreased the player’s heart count. This is essentially player lives but I don’t break up the play. Instead I set Santa to be immune for 5 seconds whilst the player moves him out of harms way.

Wednesday 21st March 2012

“Shotgun Santa” game has structure and graphics.
A few “bits” that need attention:

  • tree / obstacle collision
  • improve alien movement
  • address over-use of orange range in colour

Thursday 15th March 2012

Have finished work on Dungeon Adventure but now need to figure a better way of releasing the game on this web site.
Started work on a new game earlier.

Wednesday 14th March 2012

Need to add the ability to NOT re-draw all gems when player loses a life. Store gem index in a simple array with a flag for ON or OFF. i.e. collected or not. It’s really tiresome to have to retread the entire dungeon when all but 2 gems have been collected.

Monday 12th March 2012

Created a short game video for Castle Quest and put it on you tube.
Looking to complete the game in the next couple of days.

Sunday 11th March 2012

Considering taking Castle Quest in a slightly different direction by adding an RPG element. I’m really not sure how this might work just now but since I am controlling a Wizard it could be a case of controlling spells and managing Mana levels. It’s a heck of a change for something that is 95% complete just now. Needs some serious thought. Right now it’s basically PacMan in a fantasy dungeon setting.


Friday 9th March 2012

Fixed some annoying bugs / glitches on Castle Quest including the painful:

  • Sprite start-frame not being set correctly for monsters when changing direction

Took a look at Rich’s (Photonstorm) new game today. It’s going to help turn people around to mobile web gaming. Great little game.

Having some major re-thinks about the way I implement levels in Castle Quest. Might consider mixing it up a bit and having some strategy to the dungeon layout.
Why must I keep having these ideas when I’ve got so close to completion ??

Changed the way the freeze potion affects the monsters. Previously the freezePotion property was attributed to the player but this is just wrong. Instead attributed to each visible monster such that I can apply effects to them. Works a treat !

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Had a play with some monster graphics last night with varying degrees of success. The angle at which the game is played is causing me an issue. Although it’s a top-down game and the player’s Wizard is presented as if faced “almost” head-on I can’t seem to find the right presentation for the monster sprites. I took my lead from Gauntlet for the Wizard so will look to that game again for inspiration.

Spent some time looking at Tutankham on YouTube. In many respects this was an inspiration for Castle Quest. Am now considering the teleport option from this game. Could be fun ! Update: implemented the teleporters. They’re a great addition to the puzzle :)

Scribbled some thoughts down for improving the monster movement / behavior in Castle Quest.

Tuesday 6th March 2012

I’m getting a number of emails from Google telling me that my AdWords campaigns are performing pretty well. I specifically target Free Mobile Arcade Games and derivitives thereof.

I really should consider a budget for AdWords each month. Trouble being that the last £100 (donated by Google) was exhausted in under a week and I just don’t create enough money through advertising. £100 spent certainly didn’t generate £100 return.

Had some thoughts regarding Castle Quest‘s structure on the way in to work. May now consider the unlocking levels approach made famous by Angry Birds.

Saved out to localStorage this could be a neat feature for gamers to quickly pick up and carry on rather than simply starting at level 1. Need more hours in the day to be implementing this stuff.

Thoroughly enjoying reading through Jordan Mechner’s The Making of Prince of Persia.

A rough list of tasks left for Castle Quest:

  • Create monster sprite sheets
  • Create monster behaviour (basic AI: follow or dumb)
  • Create a couple more wall graphics
  • Refine swipe control and put out to test across multiple devices
  • Make a decision on tutorial screens (different depending on how the player launches the game)
  • Write out level progress to localStorage (padlock the unfinished dungeons)
  • Fix potion / magic orb bugs – incorrect monster blinking
  • Fix incorrect monster blinking when a monster is killed during freeze potion
  • Fix m.player.testdirection reset on endLevel() – just can’t see how this is happening
  • Implement big button (flash when selected) touch control for main menu
  • Create iOS icon